You don’t need to be a cat expert to know that cats are very particular animals when it comes to cleanliness. Unlike dogs, who need special attention with toilet training, cats do not need to be repeatedly placed in an allocated area and rewarded at the appropriate times. Cats usually use the litter box they are provided with through instinct. If you are a cat owner or about to become one it is important to make sure your cat is able to do their business properly to ensure their comfortable and happy.

Having a cat litter tray Australia is just as essential as providing their necessary meals. Even if your cat is used to going out to take care of business, it will certainly come in handy at times. Just like you would be dedicated to house training your dog, you need to be devote attention to all aspects concerning the litter tray.

Firstly, consistency is key when it comes to keeping the litter tray clean. Cats would not want to use the tray if it is too dirty and this will result in your cat doing its business outside the tray. If you have a tendency to forget, you could keep alarms at certain times of the day and ensure that you clean the litter tray at those times.

Secondly, the location of the cat litter tray is vital. Just as you would not like to go to the toilet and eat in the same area, your cat would not like it’s litter tray being kept anywhere near its food or water. At the same time, it is not practical to keep the litter tray in an inaccessible and difficult area to get to, like the basement.

Thirdly, the size and type of the litter tray should be taken into consideration. The litter tray that your cat used when it was a kitten may be too small for it to use now that it’s fully grown. In addition, there are various different types of litter trays available in the market and you may have a liking for a particular one, but you should ensure that your cat agrees with your preference.

If you follow these basic tips and ensure your cat’s hygiene is properly taken care, your cat will be a happy and relaxed pet. If these aspects have all been taken care of and your cat suddenly starts going outside the litter tray it could be a red flag concerning your cat’s health. Calling up a veterinarian for advice and making an appointment for your cat will prevent any further complications.