There are zillions of animal lovers and some would like to keep some pets in their home. By keeping a pet like cat or dog in your home, you may feel that you are kind towards animals, but just think again. Do you know about the proper ways to care for your feline baby?

Food intolerance is a common issue with cats and dogs and you have to know about it if you are a cat owner or cat parent. You must know what food items are suitable for your cat’s tummy otherwise your cat may suffer from food intolerance. While buying foods you have to be selective. For example, you can buy grain free pet food as the best grain free foods are considered safe for cats.

To know more about food intolerance in your cat, have a look at the given ways:

Try to know about those food items which trigger food intolerance -The food items that usually triggers food intolerance are wheat or foods with gluten and so on. You may notice that your pet cannot eat chicken, but can comfortably consume a food item made with beef. Low-quality foods are not good for a cat, so you must feed your pet with good quality foods. If it is a kitten, you should consider buying grain free kitten food, though after consulting with your vet.

You ought to know all the symptoms of food intolerance in cats – When your cat will suffer from food intolerance, you will notice one or more symptoms in your pet. Some symptoms that are linked with the common cold can too indicate an allergic reaction, like coughing, sneezing. In case of food intolerance, a cat will generally have an itchy skin particularly near the ears. If your pet has regular bowel movements, then your cat is really sick. Your cat may suffer from diarrhea or may have a bloated stomach – these are the symptoms of food intolerance. When you notice that your pet is scratching much more, then don’t ignore it as it can be a signal for fleas or food allergy. Other symptoms are redness of the skin, swelling around the ears, head, vomiting with diarrhea, and loss of fur and so on.

A pet owner must know the exact age of the cat – A pet owner may not alter the food habits of her cat, but still a cat sometimes suffer from food intolerance. Cats can suffer from food intolerance because of some food items at any age. It is a true fact that cats can suffer from food intolerance as the time passes. It is often seen that a food that a cat enjoys in young age may start creating problems later on.

It is necessary to know how to deal with food intolerance – Look for the symptoms of food intolerance and if you think that your cat is already suffering from it, then confirm about it by the vets. Veterinary treatment can be needed in some cases.